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GPO 8975 EPC 1345 kathamandu,Nepal
Phone : +977-9848164058

Grace Children Home Surkhet, Nepal

               Grace Children Home started in 2005 with 5 children from high Himalayan region mugu with vision to reach among Tibetan people through children works and support. Now we have 13 children from different location of Nepal most of them orphan and some are left by parents. We are very committed to provide all kinds of support and facility to our children. We would like to equip them on their physically, spiritually, social and educational side

We are fully regisisterd in Local government office and child care committee Surkhet, which provides us all kinds of legal cover up and we are accountability and transparent with them. We have to provide them every fiscal year audited financial and children growth report.

Some of our children finished their school level study and ready to join a collage. Some of our children just joined our Home and we are very glad and joy to serve these children in His kingdom as our own children. We are planning and praying to extend our children number as our resources and capacity.

Praise to God:

  • Our 99% children up graded their School grade, 2 of them finished school Level (10'Th grade) and ready to join a collage. Our Father providing all kinds of need and lack in time.
  • Praise Him, He brought in our Home to serve children with us.

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